Tips to keep your home office clutter free

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My office has been a mess and I decided to give it a good cleaning.  I felt there was clutter everywhere!  I do a lot of things to keep it clean, but I had gotten lazy and let things pile up.  It can be stressful to have clutter and piles laying all over your house.   Between school papers, bills, and mail it was a disaster.  I wanted to share some of my tricks to keep it clean!  They are easy to implement and you WILL see a result!

Is your home office a mess? Here are a few simple tips to get things under control and get your home office clutter free.

Tips to keep your home office clutter free

  • Go paperless.  I still get a few bills via snail mail but most are local utilities.  Everything else comes in my email.  That mean no mail piling up and making a mess.
  • File, file, file- Keep files folders in a drawer of items you MUST keep.  Remember to go through periodically and get rid of all the items over a year old. Here are some really cute ones with designs.  Any motivation helps right?
  • Keep your desktop clear-  It’s so nice to sit down to a clean desk.  I always get distracted when I glance over and see things that need to be done and it stresses me out.
  • Keep a trash can nearby.  Does your office have a trash can?  Mine didn’t for the longest time.  I just created a pile that I had to carry into the kitchen.  My office was cleaner as soon as I bought it!
  • Don’t keep old magazine or newspaper in your office!  You probably aren’t planning on reading them in there so don’t keep them there. When you get a newspaper and you know you won’t have time to read it, just toss it.  It will end up sitting on your desk and you’ll end up throwing it away a week later, unread.
  • Organize drawers-  I have all my envelopes, stamps, notecards, and return address labels in one place.  I know everything is in that drawer and I go to it when I need to mail something.  I’m not rummaging through 5 different drawers to find everything.
  • Buy a cork board-  If you feel like you have bills and other important papers laying around, purchase a cork board.  It doesn’t have to be big and it gets the papers off a table or desk. They’re still in sight, but just hanging up.  Most things like that you only need for a few weeks then you can file away or shred.  Here’s a really cute one.

Do you have any tricks that I’m missing?  Let me know and I’ll add them on!

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