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8 Tips to Declutter your Home Office

Grab these tips on how to declutter your home office. Reducing clutter can reduce stress and make you more productive.

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My home office space had become a mess and I decided to give it a good cleaning. It became a dumping ground for anything that was a piece of paper or office supply.

I do a lot of things to keep it clean, but had gotten lazy and let things pile up.  It can be stressful to have clutter and piles laying all over your house.   Between school papers, bills, and mail, it was a disaster.  

I wanted to share some of my tricks to keep it clean!  I’m no professional organizer, but these tips are easy to implement and you WILL see good results!

Is your home office a mess? Here are a few simple tips to get things under control and get your home office clutter free.

With more and more people working from home, organizing your office is more important than ever now. Finding a home for everything and putting the items in their place will definielty reduce your stress.

8 Tips to Declutter your Home Office

  • Go paperless.  I still get a few bills via snail mail but most are local utilities.  Everything else comes in my email.  That means no mail piling up and making a mess. You don’t really need a physical copy of many things anymore.

QUICK TIP– Scanning important documents that you need saves tons of time. You can put the physical paper away for safe keeping and keep them in a special place on you computer. I do this for my kids with their birth certificates and physicals for sports and camps.

  • Keep cords hidden away. It drive me crazy to see chargers all over the desktop.
  • Come up with a filing system. Keep must have pieces of paper in file folders in a cabinet drawer or filing cabinet. Remember to go through periodically and get rid of all the items over a year old. Here are some really cute ones with designs.  Color coding can also be helpful. Any motivation helps right?
  • Keep your desktop clear-  It’s so nice to sit down to a clean desk.  I always get distracted when I glance over and see things that need to be done and it stresses me out.
Overhead desktop view with plant, graph paper, pens and keyboard
  • Keep a trash can nearby.  Does your office have a trash can?  Mine didn’t for the longest time.  I just created a pile that I had to carry into the kitchen.  My office was cleaner as soon as I bought it!
  • Don’t keep old magazines, mail, newspapers, or kid school work (report cards) in your office!  It will end up sitting on your desk and you’ll end up throwing it away a week later, unread.
  • Organize drawers-  I have all my envelopes, stamps, notecards, and return address labels in one place.  I know everything is in that drawer and I go to it when I need to mail something.  I’m not rummaging through 5 different drawers to find everything.
  • Buy a cork board-  If you feel like you have bills and other important papers laying around, purchase a cork board.  It doesn’t have to be big and it gets the papers off a table or desk. They’re still in sight, but just hanging up.  Most things like that you only need for a few weeks then you can file away or shred.  Here’s a really cute one.

Do you have any tricks that I’m missing?  Let me know and I’ll add them on!