Must watch shows on Starz

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My family has the most basic TV channels on our TV.  I would get rid of them totally, but my husband hasn’t figured out how to get all his sports without it.  We have been streaming most of the shows we watch lately.  I love being able to watch something whenever it’s convenient for us. My husband loves binge watching, but I like to watch them a little slower.  You can Join STARZ Free Trial now on Amazon.  Here are a few shows that you need to watch!

My husband and I are always look for new shows to watch. We can't stand commercials. I found some shows on Starz that you'll want to add to your list.

Must watch shows on Starz

  1. Outlander– I’ve been reading the Outlander series and this is a great book!  I’ve half way through the first season of the series and it’s so good.  I love seeing the characters from the book come to life.  Season two is about to come out so you better get watching so you can catch up.  You’ll be hooked.  The main characters Jamie and Claire are great!
  2. Black Sails–  My husband has been watching this and really liking it.  It’s about pirates before the time of “Treasure Island.”
  3. Da Vinci’s Demons- This show is about Leonardo Da Vinci during the Renaissance in Italy.  This is next on my list of shows to watch. It sounds really good and you can read the entire plot summary here!
  4. The White Queen– This show is about 3 women who are fighting for the the throne in 15th century England.  I love reading and watching about this time period.  Adding it to the list too!

Of course they have classic TV shows like The A-Team and Magnum PI.  They have shows and movies to keep your kids entertained too, like Inspector Gadget and Eloise.

You can try out Starz for free for 7 days here!- Join STARZ Free Trial.  If you’re like my husband you can probably watch an entire series in that time! 🙂

PS.  They have some really good movies out right now! Click to see which ones, I can’t type them all!  haha! 🙂

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  1. Sound like good shows, I’m a TV junkie! But I have so many already, where would I find the time 🙂

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