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Must Watch Shows on Showtime

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My family has the most basic TV channels on our TV. I would get rid of them totally, but my husband hasn’t figured out how to get all his sports without it. We have been streaming most of the shows we watch lately. I love being able to watch something whenever it’s convenient for us. My husband loves binge watching, but I like to watch them a little slower. You can Join SHOWTIME Free Trial now on Amazon. They have a lot of good shows with big names actors and actresses.  Here are a few shows that you need to watch!

I am always looking for a new show to watch. I don't like commercials so I love streaming online. Here are some shows on Showtime that you need to watch!

Must Watch Shows on Showtime

  • Homeland– I originally started watching this show because they filmed this where I live.  It was so fun driving my daughter to preschool downtown and seeing all the movie trucks and workers.  I was watching it to see if I recognized anything and then I got hooked.  I’m a little behind , but I want to catch up!  It’s about terrorists and CIA type stuff.
  • Ray Donavan– Several people have told me about this show.  Live Schreiber plays the main character ands been up for a few awards for this show.  He plays a high powdered guy that help celebrates get out of problems they get into.
  • Shameless- William H. Macy is in this.  I really like him as an actor so I may have to add this to my list!
  • Dexter- My husband watched this show and keeps telling me I need to watch it.  I’ve got it on my list. I hope I have some extra time this summer.  From what I understand the main guy is a serial killer, but only kills bad guys?
  • Weeds- My husband also watched this show.  It’s about a lady who sells weed to make ends meet. That’s what he told me and his exact words! 🙂
  • Californication- Again, another big actor, David Duchovny.  It’s a comedy about a Dad and his life with his job and love interest.

They just don’t have shows.  They have a lot of good movies (for adults and kids) and sports too!

You can Join SHOWTIME Free Trial  for 30 days!  WooHoo!  You can probably watch all these shows if you watch them like my husband in the 30 days.

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