Tips for Football Moms

If you are a mom of a football player you know that it’s about time to get crazy around your house (or already is)!  My 2 boys have been practicing for a month already and the jamboree is this weekend.  I wish I had read tips for football moms before my kids started playing!

I’ve always had my kids take responsibility for their own sports equipment since they started playing any sport and now that they are getting older they have more and it costs more.  My son that plays baseball has 3 different kinds of cleats this year!

It's football season so grab these tips for football moms! It's just a few things to help you are your kids kid through the season!

Tips for Football Moms

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I just found this and it’s AWESOME!  I thought I would add it in first so you wouldn’t scan over it.  It’s a battery heated blanket to take to games!  Why hadn’t I ever seen this before?

1.  Help them keep their gear organized.  Notice I said help them!  My husband and I teach both my boys that it’s their responsibility to keep up with their equipment: practice jerseys, water bottles, gloves, etc.  They each have a duffle bag to store all their stuff in.  This help a lot!  Last year the team required everyone to have a matching bag.  I complained about it at first, but I understand why now.  It is so nice to keep everything in.

Tips for Football Moms

One of my boys takes his down to the field so when he’s done, he just puts his stuff in.  The other keeps his in the car so he can take his gear off there.  We also have a place for them to store their cleats.  It’s really easy and they aren’t laying on the floor.  I got it at Amazon and it hangs in our garage (see photo).


Tips for Football Moms

2.  Organized uniforms and clothes  I keep a box in my laundry room that is full of their gear.  When I say it’s time to get ready they don’t have to search all over for their stuff.  We pull the box down and their socks, pants, and shirts are ready to go.

Tips for Football Moms

3.  Clean their gear!  This is so important, but so easy to forget.  I keep a can of Lysol on the work table in the garage.  Once a week I pull their practice jerseys off and wash them and I spray the pads down.  They can get really disgusting and fast with sweat and water.  My younger son loves to squeeze water all over him and the pads get a horrible mildew smell if I don’t clean them off.  Don’t forget the chin strap!  I wrote an entire post on this subject.  Read it here.

4.  Keep them hydrated  I make sure they get a lot of water.  Since school has started I load them up on water when they get home before practice.  I also make sure they drink plenty at dinner afterwards too.  You need to stock up on these for sure! You can make your own electrolyte water for them to take to take too. It’s really simple.

Electrolyte Water Recipe

  • 1 liter of water
  • 1/2 t. sea salt
  • 1/4 cup juice (grape, apple, orange)
  • A squirt of honey (optional)

5. Make some easy dinners  I love the crockpot this time of year.  I will be posting a lot of them this month so check back often.   My kids love Crockpot pork and apples and here’s one of our favorites, Pork Salsa Verde.

Slow Cooker Pork Salsa Verde

Hope you have a great football season!

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6 Responses

  1. Great post. These tips work for any sports parent as well.

  2. Ashley says:

    Love this post! Can I ask you what size, and type of duffle bag y’all have?

    • Holly says:

      I just did a quick measurement with the ruler so it won’t be perfect. It was about 12″W X 10″H X 24″L. The zipper part is pretty wide, kind of a flap, so everything can fit in. It gets wider with everything in it.

  3. Stephanie says:

    Good ideas! My son just started flag football so I am a first time football mom and blogger this year! Can’t wait to cheer him on! And the crock pot will definetly be used 🙂

    Please visit me at !

  4. Lisa Barton says:

    Best tip I have as a football Mom,be their #1fan. Be there for the games,help the team when you can. Encourage others to be involved. My son started when he was 6,he’s a Senior this year!! It goes so fast,but he’ll always remember Momma was there. Loud &Proud,win or loose.One day he’ll share his football memories and tell my future grandkids that I was there,always!!!!

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