How to clean football equipment

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Yes, it’s the middle of June, but football is right around the corner.  It’s starts the first of August here in North Carolina.   My 2 boys were in wrestling camp this week and they got in the car and they stunk!  It reminded me of football season so I thought I would write this up.  If you are new to football or your kids have played before you know how sweaty and stinky boys can be.

How to clean your kid's football equipment

How to clean football equipment

  1. The first thing to do is take it out of the car and air out the pads and helmet.  If you keep the equipment in a bag, take it out when you get home.  I have some hooks in my garage that we hang them on.  They do this after every practice.  You don’t want mildew, mold, and bacteria growing on all that stuff.  When they start practicing in August, it’s hot and I never knew little boys could sweat that much.
  2. I LOVE Lysol!  I usually spray the inside of the helmet and pads down with Lysol at least once a week.  This helps kill any germs, but also makes it smell better.  I know some people that use Febreze, but I stick with Lysol.  I usually don’t let the kids do this because the can would only last a day if I let them spray it.
  3. Don’t forget the chin strap.  I clean this at least once a week. Update:  they are older now and THEY clean it!   These are easy to clean because you can unsnap it.  I take it over to the sink and use my dish detergent to wash in out in the sink.  You just need to get all that sweat off.  I noticed my older son breaking out on his chin during football season so I try to do this or remind him to do it often.

I hope this helps and you have a winning season!

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