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5 Reasons I Like Playing Outside

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I was having my kids do some math work that they normally do in the summer and the website was down!  So…I made him write my blog post for me instead. My son just turned 10 and here are his 5 reasons he likes to play outside.

Reasons I like to play outside

5 Reasons I like playing outside

1. No one bossing me – I like being in the woods because my mom and dad aren’t telling me what to do.

2. We can build a dirt bike track- We put sticks and boards on the sides and ride our bike in the middle.  It’s really fun and we get to jump ramps made of dirt.

3. We can build a fort- My friends and I build big and sick forts. We use a corner of a fence and a bunch of sticks. We even created a bathroom. We dug a giant hole and I found a piece of wood and silver rock.  I fiqured out that it would write so I wrote on the piece of wood, “bathroom”, but it broke.

4. Its quiet in the woods because there’s no TVs, phones, and brothers and sisters, and music. The only sound I hear is the birds. I don’t like hearing all that noise.

5. When I’m outside I get to play with my friends.  We build a bunch of cool stuff with things we found in the woods, like pieces of metal. We usually go in my friends backyard and play on this big blow up slide and we wrestle and it almost broke. We usually play soccer and football and a bunch of sports. We play capture the flag, tag, and army. My brother, neighbor and I play in a cul-de-sac and my brother is on a bike and me and my friend try to crash into my brother on a RipRider.

He had a hard time starting out, but as you can see, he got on a roll towards the end.  He is a pretty quiet kid and doesn’t talk much so I loved hearing what he had to say.

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Tuesday 11th of August 2015

I recall as a child loving to play outside and hating to come in the house in the evening.

Becky Mansfield

Monday 3rd of August 2015

Stick a go-pro on him & then we can really see what they are up to out there! hahaha!!! This was great!! :)