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Sick Day Rules

It’s that time of year where germs are EVERYWHERE!  I’m the hand sanitizing queen, but no matter what I do the kids WILL get sick.  It can be hard to tell if they’re really sick or just feeling bad unless they have a fever or throwing up.  Lately my kids have been saying they’re sick, but I know they are feeling ok.  I have some rules when they stay home that helps determine their sickness level.

Sick Day Rules

Rule #1– No video games-  If my kids stay home they won’t be lounging on the couch and playing the xbox all day.  Even if they have a fever, they still aren’t allowed to play video games.

Rule #2- No TV-  If my kids have fevers and I know they are really sick, I do let them watch TV because I know they aren’t feeling well.  If there is no fever, I make a no TV rule.

Rule #3– No playing outside-  This is the one that gets my kids the most.  They always tell me they may be feeling better in the afternoon.  I just let them know if they’re feeling bad they need to stay rested and can’t be around other kids for 24 hours.

Rule #4– No after school activities.  This means no sports practice or music lesson.  If they aren’t well enough for school, they can’t go to football practice!

My older son was “sick” a couple of weeks ago.  A little before lunch, he said he was feeling better and wanted to go to school.  I guess he was a little bored and decided that school would be better that sitting in his bedroom any longer.

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