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What do I put in a fireproof safe?

You may be thinking to yourself, “What do I put in a fireproof safe?”. Here’s the perfect list of important items you need to add.

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One of the first things my parents got me when I got married was a fireproof safe.  I thought it was kind of a silly gift, but I look back now and think of it was perfect!  

If there ever was an emergency, there are so many items that would be lost.  When my husband and I got home from our trip, I asked him ,”What do I put in a fireproof safe?”  It didn’t take long before I started adding items to it.

What kind of fireproof safe should I buy?

If you don’t have a fireproof safe, there are tons of choices.  Some are small and can fit in a drawer and others are larger that you can put in a wall.  There are ones that are flat and others that are vertical for paper filing.  If you have a bunch of jewelry you want to store, then buy a larger one.  If only papers, then a vertical one will work great.

Where can I buy a safe?

You can buy fireproof safes at many different places, but I’m an Amazon Prime girl so that’s the easiest for me!  Here are a couple that are good choices for a home safe.  I have a Sentry brand safe, so I’m giving you a couple of those models below.

  • Sentry Fireproof box– this is similar to the one I have and works great for me.  It’s also waterproof!
  • Vertical Sentry Fireproof box–  You can add file folders to this one to keep it organized and it’s a little bigger than the first one.  This one is waterproof too.
  • Sentry Box Safe–  This is the one you see it a lot of hotels or movies.  It’s the biggest, so if you need more storage, then this is the one you want.  It, of course, is waterproof also.

Where do I put my safe?

You should keep your safe where you can easily get to it, but not entirely in plain site.  You could store it in your office, under your bed, back of the closet, or in a kitchen cabinet.

 What do I put in a fireproof safe?

  • Last will and testament and living wills
  • Birth Certificates
  • Copies of credit cards (front and back).  You ALWAYS have to have the security codes now.  
  • An actual credit card.  You may need to go to a hotel and buy new clothes.
  • Shot records for kids
  • Baptismal certificates
  • Passports
  • Cash
  • Jewelry
  • Receipts for expensive purchases
  • Copies of homeowners policies with contact information
  • One statement for each loan or bank account we have-  That way I have account numbers if needed.
  • Emergency contact information-  You many not have your phone!
  • List of current medications.
  • Any other important documents you may have.

I slowly started gathering things and before I knew it, it was FULL!!  I still go through it every couple of years and make sure I take out things that we don’t use or have anymore and add in all the new things.