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Should I buy an air fryer? Yes, and here’s why.

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My mom asked me what I wanted for Christmas last year and I debated back and forth about asking for an Instant Pot or air fryer.  Instant Pot recipes were all over Pinterest so I decided to go that route.  I’m a busy mom and needed to save time.  

I thought I would be using that thing all the time.  Everything is going to cook so much faster and I’m going to save so much time. I can cook an egg in 5 minutes. Why wouldn’t I want one?  I was totally WRONG!

You may be wondering, "Should I buy an air fryer?" The answer is yes! Read all about them here and get an easy recipe to start with.

The times on Instant Pots are VERY misleading.  Yes, it takes 5 minutes to cook a hardboiled egg AFTER it comes to pressure and that takes 5 minutes.   Releasing the pressure also takes time.  Basically, I could have cooked that egg in the same amount of time on the stove. It really wasn’t the time saver I was hoping for.

Don’t get me wrong, I do still use my Instant Pot (Here’s the one I own), but it’s mostly for a few soup recipes I have.  I can just dump everything in, turn it on, and go do something else.

Should I buy an air fryer?

This year, my mother-in-law got me the Ninja Air Fryer.  I thought, “Oh no, is this another huge appliance that I’ll use a couple of times a year?”

People say they love their air fryer, but they also say they love their Instant Pot so I was very skeptical.  Boy, was I wrong.  I have literally used my air fryer twenty times since I got it at Christmas.

You don’t just have to cook french fries in an air fryer, but you can literally cook all kinds of food, even desserts.  I learned all this from Pinterest and even created a board called air fryer recipes because I wanted more recipes to try out.

How does an air fryer work?

First off, an air fryer cooks by heating up air and that hot air circulates around the food.  It cooks the food AND makes it crispy.  It’s basically a convection style oven.

It has a nonstick tray that allows the hot air to get to all sides of the food at once and it’s a pretty small appliance so it cooks faster.

Is cooking with an air fryer healthier?

I feel the air fryer is healthier.  Of course,  I cook frozen french fries in there, which isn’t the healthiest, but I also cook other things that have tuned out well.

  • Whole chicken
  • homemade chicken nuggets
  • pork loin
  • Homemade french fries
  • BACON!

It’s so great because all the fat drips to the bottom (under the tray) so it’s not cooking in its grease.  

Is cooking with air fryer easy?

Yes!  I just push the ON button, set the time and start.  The timer is automatically set to 20 minutes. You can change it to whatever time you need before or during cooking.  You can also open the air fryer at anytime to check on the food.  That’s huge for me because I always get busy with something else and loose track of time and I like to check on things while they cook.  You can’t do that with an Instant Pot.  I’m always hoping it turns out ok.

Air Fryer Options

Here are a couple of air fryers on Amazon with 4 star or higher ratings.

Make sure you check out the size that is good for your family.  I have the 4 quart and it cooks about 5-6 pieces of bacon at a time.  I have to do a lot of recipes in batches so make sure you consider size when buying.

Check out my air fryer potatoes recipe below.  They are so simple, tasty, quick and crispy!  It’s the perfect first recipe to try.

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