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The one thing that’s always a Budget Buster

Are you wondering why you’re always going over budget? Take a look at this one thing that’s ALWAYS a budget buster.

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When I was in college I only got paid once a month.  I ran out of money a few times and it wasn’t fun.  I’ve moved several times to different areas of the country.  I’ve gotten married and had kids and I’ve used a budget since then.  I just use an excel spreadsheet and I have them saved back to 2001!  

I’ve always been interested in personal finance and used a budget.  I save for retirement and invest in the stock market. I save money for an emergency fund and only use my credit cards every once in a while (usually when I’m traveling). I’ve don’t have loans and keep my checking account up to date. I always felt I was doing pretty good except I would go over my budget.

Through all these years I’ve found the ONE thing that always breaks the budget.

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The one thing that’s always a Budget Buster

I went back through them and noticed that it was usually one that did us in.  It got worse after we had kids.  It’s EATING OUT!  There are 5 of us in my family.  Eating out can be pretty expensive, even at a fast food place. Alcoholic drinks could be a big part of the bill!

Sports practices would run late and I wouldn’t have any fast meals to make at home so it was just easier to run out and get something.  We would have a baseball tournament out of town and we would end up eating two meals out in one day and that could easily be over $100.

I decided to get better at my meal planning and I noticed that we were staying on budget.  It took a little practice to start thinking ahead.  I would make sure I had some emergency meals.  That means I always have a fast backup meal I can throw in the crockpot that morning if our schedule got changed.  This is a family favorite crockpot meal and so easy to do!  I always have spaghetti and pasta sauce in the pantry.  

If I knew I had something going on, I would make a meal the day before and my husband could throw it in the oven. Here’s a great 2-week family meal plan for FREE! No need to sign up for a newsletter. it’s just another page on my website.

Take a look at your budget.  I bet that may be one of the things that’s busting it.

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Wednesday 13th of April 2016

Budgets sound restricting but are SO freeing!! I had a job once where I got paid once a month too. That's a great way to learn how to budget!! You really have to watch it! We are budget people! Thanks for this great post!