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Tips for a Stress Free Christmas

With the holidays coming up you’ll probably be very busy, shopping, decorating, cooking, volunteering, wrapping.  The list is endless.  There’s no need to get stressed out.  Here are a few tips to get through the holiday with less stress.

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Tips for a Stress Free Christmas

Tips for a Stress Free Christmas

Enjoy doing all the things you do  Take time to enjoy doing all the tasks on your list.  Make sure you are in the mindset to do whatever you are doing so you’ll be in a better mood.

Shop at the right time  I would say going shopping at the busiest days or time would raise your stress level.  I don’t like going out and not being able to find a parking place.  I don’t like going if it’s raining and you are having to walk a long way and it’s freezing.   I love going to the stores when they start staying open later.  I put the kids to bed and then go out with my list, go by Starbucks, grab and friend and enjoy some time when things aren’t as crowded.

It’s OK not to get everything done If your list says you need to make 3 desserts and you can only find time for 2, then go buy something.  You have to tell yourself that it’s fine and move on.

Do things with a friend  Have a wrapping party or baking day where you can get together and do those things with someone else.  Make something you don’t like a little more fun.

Don’t rush  If you know it takes 4 hours to get all your decorations out and complete your decorating, but you only have 2 hours, that will stress you out.  Tell yourself ahead of time that you know you won’t get everything done.  Maybe you can wait until you have more time.  Remember, when it comes to lights, you may have issues!!  I only put away strings that are working, but every year I have some that don’t work.

Don’t wait to the last minute  Things happen and sometimes things pile up.  Try your best to leave a couple of days to tie up the loose ends and do the last little things.

Stay on task  This is the hardest for me.  I run out to Kohls to get Christmas outfits for the family, then I start shopping for gifts or new workout clothes and I’m there 3 hours.  I may be looking for Christmas cookie cutters and realize I need to clean out my cabinets.  Do what you you need to do first then do the other things.

Good luck and hope these reminders will help you have a great Christmas!