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Fun Christmas Activities for Teens

Here are some FUN Christmas activities for teens to keep them busy during the holiday season. They’re perfect for the long winter break or an upcoming Christmas party.

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The holiday season is a great time to bond, spend time together and create lasting memories with your older kids. But with their busy schedules and waning enthusiasm for the “kiddie” Christmas celebrations, finding ways to keep them entertained and engaged can be a challenge.

Don’t worry, though – we’ve got you covered. In this post, I’ll share some fun and festive Christmas activities your tweens, teenagers and the whole family can enjoy together. From holiday-themed movie marathons to DIY decor projects, there’s something for everyone. So grab some hot cocoa, gather your teens, and let’s get into it!

pastel christmas packages with pine needs and pinecones

Christmas Activities for Teens

Holiday Movie Night

The holiday season is the perfect time to cozy up together and enjoy some classic Christmas movies! Choose from favorites like “Home Alone,” “A Christmas Carol,” “Elf,” “The Polar Express,” and let the movie marathon begin.

Gingerbread House Decorating

Who can resist the sweet and fun gingerbread house decorating activity? This is an excellent chance for teens to let their creativity flow! Instead of traditional holiday decorating, let your teens loose and encourage them to use their imagination to make the perfect gingerbread house. Purchasing a gingerbread house kit and treating them to an array of candy for inspiration is a great way to make this activity a success. Make sure you snap some photos of their sweet creations to keep for years to come!

gingerbread house with snowy background

DIY Ornaments

Another fun activity to explore is making your Christmas ornaments. With some simple materials such as cardstock, paint, and glue, your teens can create unique and personalized tree ornaments. You can add a little friendly competition by holding a decorating contest, and the winner can have their ornament displayed on the tree first.

Making homemade ornaments is not only fun but also a great way to create a family tradition, and look back on each year and the loving memories. This is a great Christmas Eve activity.

Create a Holiday Playlist

What would Christmas be without Christmas music? What’s even better is creating a holiday playlist with your teens! Has them pick out their favorite songs, and you can add some of the classic holiday tunes. Once your holiday playlist is ready, don’t forget to grab some hot cocoa and sweet treats to get in the holiday spirit while you’re listening.

Bake Sweet Treats

Who doesn’t love sweet treats during the holiday season? Baking is an excellent way for teens to learn a new skill while enjoying a fun activity. You could make a classic Christmas treat like sugar cookies, gingerbread cookies, or cake pops with festive decorations such as red and green sprinkles, mini chocolate chips, and candy canes. Not only will your kitchen smell delicious, but your teens will have an excuse to taste-test their creations! These are great Christmas gifts for teachers and neighbors too!

Here are some good recipes to try out.

The holiday season can be loads of fun and filled with memories for parents and teens alike. All it takes is a little creativity and enthusiasm to keep everyone engaged and excited about the festivities. Whether you try your hand at gingerbread house decorating, make homemade ornaments, have a holiday movie night or create a festive playlist, there are plenty of ways to celebrate with your teens. Remember to enjoy this special time together and create lasting memories!

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