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Christmas Movies your Elementary Kids will Love

There are a ton of Christmas movies out there. Here are some great christmas movies for your elementary aged kids.

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Christmas is coming soon and that means Christmas movies!! My kids are 5, 8, and 10. My 5 year old daughter will still watch the cartoon movies , but my older boys say they are babyish.

Here are their top Christmas movies that you need this season. You’ve got 6 more weekends until Christmas so pick some and enjoy.  I love these because the entire family can enjoy them.

Christmas Movies for Boys

Christmas Movies your Elementary Kids will Love

Here’s a fun Elf on the Shelf Idea Calendar too! This will make your December so much easier!


Both my boys love this movie.  My 5 year old had to hide her eyes a few times, but she enjoyed it too!

Swiss Family Robinson

This is such a fun movie and everyone remembers when the boys come home and are singing “O Christmas Tree”.

The Polar Express

Even though this is animated, my older boys still love it.  Maybe that’s it’s more computer generated and looks a little different, it holds their attention.  I love this movie on believing.

The Santa Clause

This is one of my favorites on the list.  I love how the main character goes through his transformation, just not physically, but mentally.

A Christmas Story

The first time my older son watched this movie was the same year he got a bb gun.  He thought it was hiliarious.


I wasn’t sure if they would like this movie when we first watched it, but they were cracking up.

Deck the Halls

Christmas with the Kranks

Dr. Suess’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Jingle all the Way

Home Alone

 My kids have loved this movie since they were little.  It’s so fun to watch kids beat the bad guys. This link is to all three movies!

Jack Frost

This one is sad, but a great story!

It’s a Wonderful Life

Since this was in black and white, my kids were a little skeptical about this one, but they really did like it.  It shows that everyone is important and special.

Here are some great gift guides for boys!