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21 of the BEST Summer Boredom Busters

Come grab this list of summer boredom busters for you kids. Sometimes it just takes a little inspiration to get them going.

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Summer is here and is full swing at my house. I bet you’ve heard, “Mom, I’m bored!” about a thousand times already. Here are some summer activities that will keep them busy.

I have three kids ages, 5, 7, and 10.   Even though the kids are signed up for VBS, camp, playing at a friends house, or swimming they still aren’t used to all the free time.  We always have kids over at the house and they are playing inside and out.  Here are a few tips to get by on these crazy days where they complain that they’re bored.

Hands holding ice cream bars

Many of these activities are perfect for when you need to get things done around the house and and the kids can do these by themselves!

Summer Boredom Busters

1.  Movie Day We run to the library or Red Box and pick out a couple of new movies to watch on a rainy day or when they are getting a little crazy!  Some movie theaters offer “kid” movies for a reduced price too. Here are some great movies and shows for kids.

2. Cook  My kids love to make things, so when they are getting a little rowdy and have had too much togetherness, I suggest cooking something.  I can get at least 1 of them to help me.  Usually we make something fun, cookies or muffins and then we all enjoy the finished product.

3. Wash the Car–  Water and kids are a perfect combination.  My kids can spend over an hour “washing” the car.  It may not be perfect, but everyone is having a fun time.

4.  Head to the Library  Get a new book to read.  My kids love going to the library and playing the on the computer there or just browsing the books.  Sometimes they just need to get out of the house. Here are some great tips on summer reading with some printable reading logs.

5. Paint  Kids love to paint.  I always have a bunch of watercolors around so when they are complaining there is “nothing to do”, I can grab them out of the drawer and they can do some art.

6.  Sidewalk chalk  Have your kids make the longest hop scotch board the neighborhood has ever seen!  My kids also liked to be traced and then they can decorate themselves.

7.  ICE CREAM!!  This seems to solve all problems and today, July 19, is National Ice Cream Day!  I love ice cream and so do my kids.  We had some neighbors over and I started to hear  arguing so I decided to break out my secret weapon, ice cream.  I love these Snickers® and Twix® Ice Cream Bars.  They are just the right size for a snack for a hot summer day. I also love the boxes!  They aren’t bulky and fit in my freezer nice!

Box of snicker ice cream bars and box of Twix Ice Cream bars

All the kids loved them and now everyone was happy!  This was the perfect solution on this hot summer day!  Mars Ice Cream also have other great flavors such as, Milky Way® Ice Cream Bars, Starburst® Sorbert Bars, M&M’s® Brand Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich, and DoveBar® Ice Cream Bars.  You’ll have plenty to choose from.

Summer Bucket List

8. Scavenger Hunt- This is such a fun activity and can keep kids busy for hours!

9. Make a fairy garden. My daughter has been doing this and is having blast. She’s actually working on it as I type. I’ve saved some our favorite ideas on this Pinterest board. All my kids, even the boys, have enjoyed this.

10. Digital Escape Rooms– Here’s a list of great one for kids.

11. Do science experiments. Go to YouTube and you can find tons of channels that are doing experiments. You can also buy books and kits to keep your kids busy. My daughter has this has loved doing it.

12. Have your kids learn to type. My kids use Typing Club and have worked on it for a few summers.

13. My favorite- CHORES! My kids do chores everyday. It teaches them responsibility and gives them something to do every morning when they wake up.

14. Make homemade playdoh or slime. I don’t like slime at all. It seems to get everywhere, but homemade dough, I love. You can sculp things, let it dry, and then paint.

15. Make a fort. My kids love doing this. Encourage them to make the biggest they can using tables and chairs. Using lightweight sheets can make fort building much easier than using heavy blankets.

3 kids lying on green grass with feet on skateboard.

16. Buy a hammock. We have a couple of hammocks in our backyard and they’re awesome! They are lightweight and you can find some for really good prices now. My kids will lie and swing forever! All you need is a couple of trees.

17. Write letters. I did a post on writing letters and my son loved it. You can read about it here.

18. Make S’macos!– This is the most delicious treat ever. You can do this on a campfire, grill, oven, or stove.

19. Have a picnic. The best thing about this idea is that you don’t even have to go anywhere. Just tell your kids to surprise you. Have them make and pack up the food and head to the backyard.

20. Painting rocks. My kids have been spending a lot of time doing this lately. They’ve enjoyed decorating our yard and leaving surprises for our neighbors, near their mailboxes.

21. Have a sale. My kids love to “sell” things. They make Kool-Aid, treats, necklaces, bracelets using the Rainbow Loom and paintings. They put up a table at the end of the driveway and usually make a dollar or two. They’ll sit there for hours.

Hope you guys are having a fun summer and I know you’ll stay busy with all these ideas!